Mount Morris Damsite Environmental Cam

Currently Viewing a Starling Nest in Kestrel Box

This Camera can be one of several things depending on what is being viewed at the Damsite Visitor Center. There are several possible nest Cameras including bluebirds, kestrels, swallows, and environmental views. When the view is not likely to be changed for a period of time, we will add some descriptive information.

This is a nest of Starlings that have appropriated a Kestrel Box. Two things of note here. First, we have noticed an area wide decline in the number of Kestrels. Second, it should be noted that Starlings are a non- native invasive species. Generally, it is wise to remove or otherwise discourage nesting starlings, but here the nest is high and not easily maintained. In the past, Kestrels have arrived and killed a starling nesting in this box so we decided to let natue take its course here to keep open the possibility of a Kestrel arriving to remedy this situation.



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