Montezuma Osprey Nest-cam 2014

Update June 23, 2014 Osprey are caring for two chicks hatched 6/12-13/14. Unfortnnately the camera has been having some intermittent difficulty leading to occasional blackout. Since the problem is at the camera, we are unable to make repairs by replacing the camera that has been in service for 10+ years until the nesting is done. Keep checking back as the camera is still working a good share of the time.

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Osprey nest camera 2014 Images are updated every 30 seconds. Hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone. At other times you will see the message "solar power dependent l" onscreen. Also, long periods of rain and clouds may cause interruption of solar powered camera and signal transmitter. Signal outage may continue for some time until sun can recharge the battery. (You may periodically get a blank picture when uploads coincide with image refresh.).

The osprey platform is located in a marsh on the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge about two miles from the Visitor Center. A single coaxial cable about 1500 feet long connects the camera which is mounted above the platform to a transmitter which is mounted some 65 feet up in a tree that has a clear view of the visitor center. The coaxial cable delivers power to the camera as well as video and audio to the transmitter by means of rf wideband modulator and demodulators. The transmitter, camera, and microphone are all powered from a solar collector that is mounted in an adjoining marsh. Power during periods of low sunlight is supplemented by a storage battery that receives its charge from the solar collector. The microwave signal is received at the visitor center where it can be viewed on a large screen monitor. The signal is then uploaded to the internet through a video server connected the T1 Internet connection at the refuge office.

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